Iti (small) Bouquet




Iti Bouquet (small bouquet).

This is such a sweet bundle to brighten someone’s day. Or maybe a treat for yourself. It is full of beautiful fresh, locally grown, and seasonal flowers. Our flower recipe changes through the week and through the seasons so what is pictured will differ to yours. But don’t worry- it will still be just as beautiful!

To have a look at the flowers we currently have going, head over to our Facebook or Instagram page.

Tip: To get the most from your fresh cut flowers, trim the stems, place in clean water add a teaspoon of lemon (or a drop of bleach) and a teaspoon of sugar. Change the water every 2-3days. Keep away from direct sunlight or heating.

If the recipient of our flowers is not home at the time of delivery we will leave the flowers in a secure sheltered area for the recipient to find. We can do morning or afternoon deliveries, no specific times. Same day delivery can be done if orders are received before 10am on that day. We are closed Sundays and public holidays.


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