A lovely gift or treat for yourself.

Monstera is a indoor plant and will do best in bright indirect light, it will also tolerate some shade. Intense sunlight should be avoided as this can burn the leaves. Place it in a spot where it has plenty of room to grow and sprawl out its leaves.

Water Monsteras moderately and evenly about once a week during spring and summer, and less during the winter. The soil can be left it to dry out between watering. Being a tropical plant, they like a warm humid environment. Lightly misting the leaves will help to increase humidity.

This is a 15cm pot width and 45cm tall (including plat height).

If the recipient of our flowers is not home at the time of delivery we will leave the plant in a secure sheltered area for the recipient to find. We can do morning or afternoon deliveries, no specific times. Same day delivery can be done if orders are received before 8am on that day. We are closed Sundays and public holidays.


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